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FAQ about Chinese Domain

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Q: How to use Chinese domain name? A: Now access to Chinese domain name can be divided to two conditions. 1) Chinese domain name ends with .cn: user can access to it without downloading any client softwares, nother modifying ISP. 2) Full Ch

Q: How to use Chinese domain name?

A: Now access to Chinese domain name can be divided to two conditions.
1)     Chinese domain name ends with .cn: user can access to it without downloading any client softwares, nother modifying ISP.
2)     Full Chinese domain name: ISP need some modification for correct Chinese name analysis.Meanwhile,CNNIC provides specific server,which can complete correct analysis when use points DNS of browser to this server. In addition, some ISP have not been modified, and some users are not convenient to point their DNS to server of CNNIC, for these conditions, .cn has been added to full Chinese domain name, that is to say, each full Chinese domain name has two forms: “full Chinese domain”and “full Chinese domain.CN”. For example: "信息中心.网络"和"信息中心.网络.CN". Then users can access to Chinese domain name even if ISP has not been modified.

Q: Why need download cilentside software?

A:User can access to website with Chinese without downloading client software, after ISP support Chinese domain name.While client strength this function. After its installation, it can help user complete some annoying settings,and slove firewall problem and some inherent defects of browser.

Q: What is the size of clientside and is it easy to install?

A: Clientside is only little more than 1MB,can be download in CNNIC. It is easy to install.You can click for help in detail in homepage of CNNIC.

 1) After inputting Chinese domain name, it appears English name, but browser stops working.
  Click English domain name in address bar with left key, click “Enter”;
1. If it can access successfully, then it means net speed is slow.
2. If it cannt access successfully, then it means website for domain has not been established.

2)  After inputting Chinese domain name, it appears English name, but browser pops out error dialog box.
 Single click “sure”and browser will work normal. If it stop working, then do as (1). Reasons are: user’s browser doesnot support access way of Chinese domain, it can not anlaysis Chinese domain name, and pop out warning notice.

3) After inputting Chinese Domain name, browser stays "about: searching..." for long time
You can input the domain name for access again. If clientside configuration is normal, and then possible reasons may be:
 1. Network speed is very slow;
 2. The Chinese domain name has not been registered;
 3. The domain name has been registered, but related website has not been established.

4) After inputting the Chinese domain name, content in address bar of browser becomes null.

 Possible reason is the Chinese domain name has not been registered yet.

5) After inputting the Chinese domain name, address bar appears garbled code.
   If you are user of Internet Explorer, click ‘Internet options—senior settings’, then cancel “ send with UTF_8 to URL always”
Possible reasons are:
1. Browser converts code for Chinese domain in address bar, and change Chinese to UTF-8 code.
2. It doesnot start Chinese domain name service.

6) After inputting the Chinese domain name, address bar appears
Possible reason maybe: user adopts“firewall for resolution”. If the Chinese domain name has not been registered, then server will give such message.

 7) After inputting the Chinese domain name, address bar appears “about:.cn searching...”or“about:cn searching...”
Delete “history” and “temporry files”in Browser, and it will become normal. Reasons: inherent defects in browser, please update browser. Now Chinese domain name supports browsers of Internet Explorer 5.0 、Netscape Communicator 4.7 、Opera 4.02.

8) Now Chinese domain name doesnot support browsers of Internet Explorer 3.0 、Netscape Communicator 6.0.

9) After running clientside software of Chinese domain name, “中”image stays gray.
Possible reasons may be network connection impassable or overtime.
1. Check whether network connects and transmits correctly. Client side of Chinese domain name cannot supply normal service when network is not in fit condition.
2. After checking network, click “中”,choose “start”,if network is unblocked,then Chinese domain name service will run normally.


10) How to use client software in English version of Windows 95 、Windows 98 、Windows NT 4.0、Windows 2000?

  1. Chinese platform must be installed, as NJWin, Chinese Star and etc.
  2. When installing clientside software, information for installation will be show in garbled code, but can install normally.
 3. After installation, input Chinese in address bar of browser.

11) When inputting Chinese domain name in address bar, Chinese period is same to English period.
  For example:“中文域名。中国”is equivalent to “中文域名.中国”.


12) After installing “Chinese domain name clientside software”in Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, it pops out dialog box of“fail to start service”.
If this computer acts as domain server or IP manager sever in LAN or WAN, Then the port for domain analysis has been taken up, and “Chinese domain name clientside software”cannot get necessary resources from system, so it pops out error dialog box.

13) Access to Chinese domain name “.cn” without” Chinese domain clientside software”,it appears “HTTP 400 – Error request”.
Website user visited cannot support virtual host service for Chinese, that means Apache server doesnot support visit to Chinese domain name.

14) Can one input abbreviated URL when without “Chinese domain clientside software”, such as中国互联网络信息中心.cn?

When without “Chinese domain clientside software”, one should input complete URL,such as http://中国互联网络信息中心.cn .

15) When without Chinese domain clientside software,is “。” equivalent to “.”?
   No, one must use “.”.

16) Is this clientside software the ultimate version?

  Surely not and we will continue to perfect it. This clientside software has self-monitoring function so it will remind you when it has new version, and then you can upgrade it to latest version.

17) Chinese domain name has been successfully applied,but still cannot visit the website with Chinese domain clientside software?

Possible reasons:
1. It takes 1-3 workdays for domain name analysis after it been applied successfully’;
2. If uer’s Chinese domain name is realized through virtual host, the virtual host service provider must support Chinese domain name analysis;
3. If you have other problems, please contact us, and we will give you a satisfactory answer within appropriate time.

18)Q: What is the result  when searching ".公司、.cn"or".网络、.cn”?

A: When input "联想.公司.cn",system will point to "联想.公司", or input "联想.网络.cn ",system will point to "联想.网络.cn ".

Q: Where can we register Chinese domain name?

A: 9 Chinese domain registrars authenticated and authorized by CNNIC are in charge of registration, and CNNIC is responsible for maintain Chinese domain name database, and CNNIC will not accept application for Chinese domain name registration handed by user.

Q: What kind of Chinese domain name can be registered?

A: In new domain system of CNNIC, it will provide user registry service of full Chinese domain name with suffix such as ".中国"、".公司"和".网络". Users for ".中国" will get Chinese domain name with ".CN" . For example: You will get "清华大学.CN" automaticly when register"清华大学.中国".

Q: Can I register a traditional Chinese domain name?

A: One simplified domain name can only match one traditional domain name, which should be binded together, and needs to pay fees for only one. The two should be registered and cancelled at same time, and they cannot change alone.

Q: How to deal with Chinese domain name registerd before Nov.7?

A: 80,000 Chinese domain names with ".中国" registered before Nov.7 will be transferred to new registry system, and get a corresponding Chinese domain name with ".CN" automaticly.

Q: How to deal with registration formalities when the Chinese domain name 'XXX' now reserved by CNNIC?

A: CNNIC has reserved some Chinese domain names for some famous domestic companies, trademarks, geographic names and so on. Please fax or mail us relative company informations (such as Business License Copy, Trademark Registration Certificate, domain name application form with company seal),and we will modify the informations of domain name according to your application form if we confirm that domain name is reserved for your company.

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