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Instruction of using international Chinese Domain

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1. Can i-Nav plug-in support what top-level domain name (TLD) ? i-Nav support and meet the IDNA standard which is specified all gTLD and ccTLD by the internet corporation for assigned Names and Numbers Distribution Association and Interne

1. Can i-Nav plug-in support what top-level domain name (TLD)
   i-Nav support and meet the IDNA standard which is specified all gTLD and ccTLD by the internet corporation for assigned Names and Numbers Distribution Association and Internet Assigned Numbers Authority organizations department.



2. If my computer does not support my native language and other languages, how should I input?

 In multi-language system, you need to use Input Method Editor for Microsoft had had provided all the language input method. You can open the control panel; select “Keyboard” (Windows 98/ME) or “Regional Options” (Windows NT, 2000, XP) to add the new input method. If you are using the simplified Chinese operation system, it will be default in simplified Chinese input method.


3. How to update i-Nav plug-in to add new features?
i-Nav plug-in has the automatic update feature,  It can check any available updates version every 24-hour. Your intervention is not required if there is a new version available and it will be automatically updated. Attention: For users who are using the personal firewall may see the request from “naviclient.exe” or “NAVIClient”. This program is the i-Nav's auto-update program. To ensure that the software is updated, requests must be allowed to pass.


4. How to use i-Nav plug-in
It is very simple to use i-Nav plug-in. You need to open the Internet Explorer, at the address bar to input the Simplified Chinese website and then press enter. Then I-Nav can go to visit the destination. You can add a site to your Favorites, click the link in the page, but also you can the address in the “History”.

5. What kind version of Internet Explorer that i-Nav can be supported
   i-Nav is compatible with Windows 98
, ME, NT, 2000 and XP. The operating environment for internet Explorer 5.0 or later. You cannot input the multi-language in the address bar because of the restrictions in the English version of Windows 98, ME and NT. To use multiple languages in English Windows 2000 and Windows XP, please open “Control panel/Regional Options” and select the language you want to use.

6. Why there is an error while browsing the multi-language website?

   If you cannot access the domain name, there may be many reasons.

  • The domain name server maybe offline.
  • The domain name has been properly registered its own, but the server haven’t set up correctly by the internet service provider.
  • Domain names are not currently registered.
  • i-Nav plug-in may not be properly installed. To verify whether the i-Nav is installed correctly, please check if there is i-Nav option in the Internet Explorer/Tools Menu. If not, means i-Nav hasn’t been installed correctly. 

7. How to enable and disable the TLD auto-complete window

  i-Nav's auto-complete window is designed to simplify multi-language URL input. While use this window to enter the Simplified Chinese domain name, it need not to switch the input method from simplified Chinese to English. In the address bar in the internet explorer input a “.”, it will be automatically displayed the i-Nav TLD auto complete window:

The TLD auto complete windows include 3 option of TLD component list. For this list is identified by the URLs Which are frequently visited by users. To select the default list (highlighted) TLD, please press enter. An auto complete window will be shown after the TLD address bar. And the site can be visited. Using the keyboard, under the direction keys to select the list of other TLD. You can also use the mouse to select TLD. Manually enter other TLD will be automatically added to the auto-complete list.

8. What is Web email support
i-Nav plug-in provides a feature that allows you to send e-mail to simplified Chinese E-mail user by the web base e-mail.

9. Can i-Nav support which web mail provider?
i-Nav can support many web-based email providers. Through the i-Nav's auto-update mechanism, the service support providers are also increasing. Currently supported providers include,

  • Yahoo (.com, .jp, .cn..kr)
  • Hotmail
  • Netease (163.com)
  • Daum

10. How to enable or disable the Web e-mail support multiple languages domain names?
To enable or disable the Web e-mail features, simply select the Internet Explorer Tools menu. And click i-Nav option. In the "Preferences" window, deselect the check box next to Web e-mail.

11. While I am trying to browse some multiple languages website, why the application is always prompt me to download plug-in although I had installed it already.

If your Internet Explorer has the wrong configuration, it might be happen. To solve the error:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Select “Tools” and then “Internet option”
  • Select Labeled “Advanced Options” Tab.
  • Find the file named "Enable third party browser extensions (requires restart)"option
  • Select this option and click "Confirm"
  • Restart Internet Explorer

How to uninstall i-Nav plug-ins and components?
To uninstall the i-Nav plug-in, just follow these steps:

  • Click “Start -> Setting -> Control Panel -> Add / Remove Programs
  • In the currently installed programs, select "VeriSign i-Nav and Components"
  • Click "Change / Remove"button to uninstall i-Nav plug-in.
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